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TVS NTorq 125 review: a premium sporty scooter whose price is only Rs 58,750

TVS NTorq 125 launch

The market of premium scooters is moving fast in India, and with this the number of quality scooters in the Indian market is also increasing day by day. All the big companies in the country and the world want to grow their foot in the growing Indian automotive industry and in this episode, Indian motorcycle maker TVS launched its 125cc sporty scooter TVS NTorq 125 on February 5. TVS has priced it at Rs 58,750 (ex-showroom Delhi). Please tell that the TVS NTorq is a production version of the graphite concept shown in Auto Expo 2014. TVS NTorq offers new technology, comfort, convenient price and security, and through this the company wants to attract young buyers.

TVS NTorq 125

TVS NTorq 125 review

With the launch of NTorq 125, TVS Motors has debuted in the 125cc segment. It is a day after the launch that TVS had also showcased the NTorq 125 in Auto Expo 2018 and it was very good response for the people. Now when Auto Expo 2018 is over, we have take the drive test of TVS NTorq so that we can tell our readers how it looks like a good sporty scooter ride.

TVS NTorq 125 design

TVS Motors claims that TVS NTorq's design is inspired by Stealth Fighter aircraft and that's why this design of this scooter is so sharp and forward-looking. What makes the scooter's design more exhaustive is its aerodynamic sculpting. TVS has retained the overall dimension and basic design of the graphite concept shown in 2014, although many things like unique LED daytime running lights, red thread stitching on seats, and Fox carbon fiber panels are brand new. TVS NTorq's tail lamp is very specially designed, due to which it looks different from other scooters. What makes this 125cc sporty scooter look more attractive is the stubby muffler, and because of this, it makes a great voice while driving this scooter. TVS NTorq 125 comes in total 4 matte colors, and due to this bright color its design comes in work and Nikhar, it looks different from the Young and the crowd too.

TVS NTorq 125

TVS NTorq 125 engine and performance

TVS NTorq has 125cc CVTi Revv unit's air-cooled, single cylinder engine. This engine generates a maximum power of 9.27bhp and peak torque of 10.4Nm at 7,500rpm. Due to these figures, its acceleration is faster than other 125cc scooters and its top-speed is 95 km / h. However, during our test, it has recorded 99 km / hour in the top speed recorder in scooter, which is very good according to a 125cc scooter. Apart from this, this scooter has been provided with auto choke, intelligent ignition system, split type intake design, foam-on-paper air filter and unique oil filing system, due to which the scooter performs quite well.

TVS NTorq 125 Ride and Handling

At the start of the starter button, the NTorq 125 starts at the first time only. The sound of the start of the scooter is quite different from the common scooters, and according to a scooter, its sound seems a little faster. The acceleration of this scooter is quite fast, according to the Acceleration Timer recording given in the scooter, it takes only 7 seconds to capture the speed of 0-60 km / hr. TVS NTorq 125, 125cc is the only scooter in the segment that has a petal disc brake. TVS NTorq 125 is a sporty scooter that can be used for daily use. This scooter can be operated by right and left in the corners as well as the left, which also gives the driver enough confidence. It is understood from a long ride that this scooter is tight and agile and also a bit heavy. It is particularly important to mention the tire. The front tire is 100/80-12 and the previous tire is 110/80-12. It has been used in TVS Tires' new brand Ramora's tire, which is designed keeping in mind the performance. We broke the speed of about 95 km / hr several times, but the scooter was fully controlled.

TVS NTorq Bluetooth connectivity LCD screen

TVS NTorq LCD screen

TVS NTorq 125 is India's first such scooter equipped with Smart Connect Technology System. You can connect your smart phone with a Bluetooth app developed by TVs with the help of your Bluetooth. When the LCD instrument in which it is connected to the user's smartphone via Bluetooth, it has a display on incoming calls, messages LCD. It also has an option to auto reply, through which the caller or the messenger will know that the user is driving. The LCD screen instrument cluster in this scooter has given many other unique features, such as Top Speed ​​Recorder, Lap Timer, Phone Battery Strength Indicator, Last Parked Location Assist, Average speed recorder and many ride modes such as Sports and Street etc. . Scooters running in many riding currents get stuck in the user's smartphone via TVS NTorq Smart App. Apart from this, the instrument cluster also has the facility of navigation assist that is displayed on the LCD screen. This screen itself is a big reason why TVS NTorq 125 should be bought only in comparison to other rival scooters.

TVS NTorq 125 Features

In TVS NTorq, there are several other features like External Filler Filler Cap, Engine Kill Switch, Headlamp Pass-by Switch, Parking Brakes, Dual-Side Handle Lock, USB Mobile Phone Charger and 22 undergrowth large seat seat storage which are available for TVS NTorq Make a premium scooter. TVS NTorq 125 total 4 matte Finnish color is available in: Red, Yellow, Green and White. It is understood by its funy colors and graphics that it is designed by targeting the youth. 

Should buy NTorq 125? TVS NTorq 125 can be quite a good option compared to other scooters in this range according to the price of attractive design, smart connect Bluetooth interface, mobile USB charging port, panel disc brake-up front and Rs 58,000 pricing.

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